Proposal 3: Renewable energy mandate 25% by 2025

The proposal is to decide whether or not Michigan should amend the state constitution to mandate that by 2015 energy companies have to have 25% of their retail sales be from renewable energy sources. Some examples of renewable energy would be solar, hydro, and wind power sources.

Proposal 4: Home health care workers

Local voices gave a variety of answers regarding this proposal.

Proposal 6: International bridges and other crossings

Proposal 6, though broadly written, is often directly linked to the planned construction of the Detroit River International Crossing, a new bridge planned to be constructed downriver of the current Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

Presidential election of 2012 drawing near

On Tuesday, November 6, voters go to the polls to determine who will be the President of the United States of America for the next four years.

Auf Wiedersehen to the Germans

The German exchange students left Thursday morning, Nov. 1. Auf Wiedersehen (see you later)!

Fans can ride bus to attend Edwardsburg playoff game

Hamilton High School is offering a bus to bring fans to the playoff game.

Mr. Carlson’s class ‘takes’ the lead in SLC canned food drive

The competition to win has been working very well, in fact, it is also getting a little feisty.

Welcome, Germans!

Over a week after their arrival in Grand Rapids, the German exchange students are making themselves at home in the United States of America.

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