Students in standardized testing at high school

Freshmen and Sophomores will be taking the ACT Plan test Thursday, October 12.

Hamilton to greet German exchange students this week

A total of 25 German students will be joining Hamilton High School’s student body tomorrow, October 9.

No food in classroom policy clarified, enforced

Students can’t have food or drink in ANY carpeted area.

Escaped convicts create sleepless nights in Hamilton area

Nothing has been left unlocked this past week, as Dorr residents take extra percaution in keeping their families and belongings safe.

The Frontier Boys

Hawkeye graduate helps promote Holland-based film

The Frontier Boys made its Holland debut at the Knickerbocker Theatre on 8th Street on Oct. 4 and 5.

New homework policy put in place

Having the homework policy holds students accountable for doing homework.

On the road to recovery

2012 graduate Josh Rutgers is making significant progress from his life threatening accident.

Hamilton pep rally ready to pump students up

Hamilton’s homecoming pep rally has been scheduled for 1:53 on the Friday of the homecoming football game

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