Update to cell phone policy put in place

Students have to turn off their cellphones and place them on their desk, so that they are visible to the teacher.

iPhone 5: most anticipated Apple release already sold out

Another winner for Apple…the new iPhone 5 has sold out.

UPDATE: Hawkeyes-Hastings picked as mLive Game of the Week in vote

mLive has its weekly football game of the week poll up and includes Hamilton’s battle against Hastings.

The hectic lockdown drill of 9/19

No matter what the story, everyone had something to remember the morning this year’s first lockdown drill.

High school lockdown drill a success

Students and staff showed they were ready for emergencies as they completed this morning’s surprise drill in 53 seconds.

Half days come back to Hamilton

Hamilton students will see half days twice during the 2012-13 school calendar.

11 years later: Students remember September 11 attacks

The Writing for Publication class placed 50 American flags around the Hawkeye logo which greets visitors entering the school to remember 9/11.

2012 Hamilton graduate in critical condition after crash

Recent Hamilton graduate Josh Rutgers sustained critical injuries in a crash yesterday afternoon at the intersection of M-40 and Cabill Drive (near the BP/McDonalds north of the I-196 interchange).

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