New drivers face new rules

Just when new drivers thought they knew all the driving laws, the state has gone and switched things up.

Script Writing brings Brock Mealer to Hamilton

Hamilton will play host to the inspirational story of Brock Mealer Jan. 22 at Hamilton High School.

Graduation to bring change for seniors: are we prepared for life after Hamilton High?

Prepared or unprepared, sheltered or unsheltered, changed or unchanged, college is bound to bring us all new experiences, put us in new situations, and force us to learn new life lessons.

ACT results released

Last year’s ACT scores have revealed that girls at Hamilton High School scored higher on average than the boys. The boys’ composite score was 20.6, whereas the girls’ was 22.6. When narrowed down to specific subjects, the girls’ scores are […]

Dancers kick higher

It’s been a tradition for years for Hamilton High School to take part in celebrating spring with Dutch Dance. Every year at the beginning of spring during Tulip Time, local schools come with the spirit and the people to dance. […]

Name change latest update to student newspaper

This year the journalism staff changed the name of its publication to “The ThunderHawk”.

‘It’s all in the way we fly’

Instead of giving each class a different theme for Homecoming, the entire school has the same theme: “It’s all in the way we fly”.

Band kicks off Homecoming for Hamilton

While dressing up and decorating for Homecoming is all well and good, it’s hard to say that the ceremony has really kicked off until the music begins.

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