NHS launches lunch tutoring program

The NHS tutoring program, held during both lunches every Tuesday and Thursday in the library, is student-run.

Colorado Challenge 2013

“No tents… just sleeping bags and tarps.”

Band leaves marching festival victorious

The Hamilton band received a first division rating at their final competition of the season.

Homecoming royalty crowned at halftime

Hamilton seniors Marissa Williams and Brent Taratuta were crowned Homecoming Queen and King, respectively, during the halftime festivities of the Hawkeyes game against Holland Christian. Congrats to both!

Hamilton to honor veterans through flag fundraiser effort

The high school administration will accept donations from the community to pay for the flags. Donors will be able to honor someone who has served, or is serving, on a plague to be displayed in the high school office..

Weekly summit classes planned to help students

This year, many changes have taken place at Hamilton High School. Not only have teachers been assigned to teach unfamiliar subjects, but now students have a new schedule — Summit class every Friday.

Hamilton students remember 9/11

Many current Hamilton students don’t remember Sept. 11, 2001, thanks to annual remembrances, and traditions established here, we are all realizing how truly heartbreakingthat day was. On that Tuesday morning, thousands of innocent lives were taken without warning. It was […]

Teachers hope new integrated class will pay off for students

English teacher Mr. Myers and history teacher Mr. Haverdink have joined forces by combining their knowledge to create the World History and Integrated Literature class.

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