Some students upset with Twitter following by teachers

While some students took offense to finding out they were being followed on Twitter, Hamilton teachers pointed out personal following lists were set up to see what is happening around town, not to officially monitor student behavior.

New location provides growth opportunity for Pioneer Tech

Hamilton’s alternative high school program started out with 15 hamilton students two years ago, but has grown to more than 40.

School cancelled: fourth day in 10

Hamilton students have been told to stay home today. It is the fourth closing due to inclement weather in the past two weeks.

Snow day tomorro…NEVERMIND

A false snow day call left students feeling cheated out of a day off this week. UPDATE: don’t worry, more days off have arrived…

Will there be a white Christmas?

We have not had the white winter weather that is expected during this time in west Michigan.

A Christmas miracle: teacher’s daughter okay to go home after car accident

After a treacherous car accident and an airlift to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grace Groothuis is on her way to making an astounding recovery.

Despite absences, Hamilton schools have plenty of students to stay open

The many absences in Hamilton High School these past few days have left students and parents wondering if school is going to close.

Fateful Friday: tragedy strikes both near and far for Hamilton

December 14, 2012: A day in which, while it may not live in infamy, will still be left in the hearts of people around the nation and the community of Hamilton.

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