Stretch Questions: they kill our GPA

Stretch Questions. Those two words send chills down the necks of many Hamilton students. They are supposed to help us and make us better, or “smarter”, but they also destroy GPA’s and cause parents to go into shock when they […]

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Opinion poll: Theory of Evolution

Students spent time this spring debating what they were learning in science classes. Here are some students’ thoughts.

The best shoe on the planet: Crocs

Crocs are the most versatile shoe on the market. Featuring holes for water walkin’, foot breathin’, and stylin’ aerodynamics. The best part is the lightweight PCCR, a closed-cell material that virtually eliminates odor so you can work all day and […]

Prom on the football field: touchdown or fumble?

Who do you agree with? Senior columnists Cameron Everse and Skyler Smith square off about the decision to hold Prom 2015 on the football field.

Opinion: Hats should be allowed in hallways

Often students ask why they have to take  their hats off in school.  There seems to be no reason from staff besides “Because I said so”. I just think that we as students should be able to wear hats throughout […]

Opinion: parents should not feel that technology is necessary for learning

ThunderHawk reporter Kacie Grady thinks writes: “If your grandparents (learned) without technology, so can you.”

Best NBA player ever: Magic, MJ, or Lebron?

Who is the best player in NBA history? ThunderHawk Sports Editor Nick Grifhorst says it’s Ervin “Magic” Johnson.

Opinion: Grades should be updated more often in PowerSchool

So, why does it take so long to update PowerSchool?

School today means summer starts sooner

Of course no one likes to come to school on a day that we originally had planned off, but I do understand why we have to make it up and I do like that its only a half-day opposed to having a full day. Plus, we’ll be out earlier for summer.

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