School today means summer starts sooner

Of course no one likes to come to school on a day that we originally had planned off, but I do understand why we have to make it up and I do like that its only a half-day opposed to having a full day. Plus, we’ll be out earlier for summer.

Should there be a traffic light at M40 and 136th Ave?

A recent crash at the intersection of M-40 and 136th Avenue has this writer thinking a stoplight may be needed – if only for a few hours a day.

Student opinion: 5th graders to middle school not a good idea

As of the 2014-2015 school year, the class of 2022 will be the first 5th graders in the middle school.

Football Is beneficial for kids

To play or not to play, that is the question many are asking.

Stopping the violence in America

How do we go about ending the violence that has been ravaging our country?

Students’ favorite 2013 Superbowl Commercials

Every year the Super Bowl ads are one of the most looked forward to and talked about things of the month of February.

Will the world end on December 21? (It didn’t…)

So what about you? What do you believe, do you think the world will end on the 21st or do you think it’s a bunch of nonsense?
See you all later… or maybe not…

Equestrian Team: working hard in the shadows

Many people have no idea what the equestrian team is, or that Hamilton even has an equestrian team.

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