Students’ favorite 2013 Superbowl Commercials

Aubree DeVisser and Sophia Young
ThunderHawk Staff reporters

Every year the Super Bowl ads are one of the most looked forward to and talked about things of the month of February. As commercials fight for a spot during the breaks of the game, the viewers are excitingly anticipating what this year’s commercials will bring.

We asked people in the school their opinion and this is what we found:

The top 3 best commercials were:

1.) Budweiser, Clydsdale

2.) Paul Harvey, Voiceover for Ram

3.) Doritos, goat

The top 3 worst commercials were:

1.) Go daddy

2.) Taco Bell, Viva Young

3.) Gangnam Style, Pistachios

The top 3 funniest were:

1.) Taco Bell, Viva Young

2.) Leon Sandcastle

3.) Cheetah, Sketchers

“Taco Bell was really cool because the people were adorable, and I loved how they played the song “We Are Young” in Spanish,” said freshman Kacie Grady.

“I didn’t really care for the GoDaddy kiss (Yikes) or the Taco Bell old people one,” said Mr. Kevin Weed, freshman English teacher. “They were both used to shock people, and I’m not into the shock marketing.  I (found them) tasteless.”

“Paul Harvey’s voice brought back a sense of a bygone era,” said Ms. Mary Aufderheide, health teacher. ” A safer, better time, appealed to a sense of shared values.”

Over all there were a few good commercials, but there have definitely been better years in the past.  To check out some of the top ten commercials click on the link below.



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