8th grade MP3 students perform The Pirates of Penzance, Jr.

Middle school MP3 students performed The Pirates of Penzance Jr., Thursday and Friday night.

The 8th graders from Hamilton middle school’s MP3 class put on The Pirates of Penzance, Jr., an adaptation of the Gilbert & Sullivan classic from 1879, on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 13-14.

“They [the 8th graders] are awesome and this show really challanges them,” music teacher for 8th grade and high school Mrs. Holly Israels said before the show. “The program has come a long way.”

The Pirates of Penzance, Jr. was a wacky and entertaining musical about how Frederic, and young pirate apprentice, decided to venture out into the world of civilization and become an upstanding citizen instead of becoming a full-on pirate who plunders and pillages like his pirate friends had thought. Little did he know that being an upstanding citizen meant that he would have to bring the pirates to justice.

Ruth, Frederic’s nurse maid, agreed to go with the young man as he journeyed into the unknown world. Too bad for Ruth got replaced by a young girl named Mabel who was taken with Frederic right away. For Frederic and Mabel it was love at first site.

The two love birds were soon interuppted by pirates, pirates, and more pirates who just couldn’t seem to let go and leave Frederic alone. These pirates may have looked rough and tough, but really they just want their friend back and they didn’t stop until they did.

This musical was full of sentimental pirates, goofy policemen, dim-witted young lovers, dewy-eyed daughters and an outlandish father.

Lead roles consisted of Seth Buresh as the Pirate King, Sarah Linkous as Ruth, and Elaina Slayton as Mabel. There was also Ben Duimstra who played Frederic and Will Harvey who plays Major-General, Mabel’s father.

“We’re doing good for the time that we had, ” one of the police chorus members Alexis Harbison said prier to the performance. “We overcame the obstacles but I still think we could do better.”

These actors were told to remember Mrs. Israels words of wisdom: “Acting is Reacting”.



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