A Christmas miracle: teacher’s daughter okay to go home after car accident

Ask any student in Hamilton High School, and they will tell you that Mrs. Angela Morris is one of the most beloved teachers in the building.

Teaching isn’t her only job, though; she also assumes the position of full-time mom. She is the mother of two daughters, Grace, 7, and Hannah, 9.

A week ago today, a truck driver missed a stop sign and the hit the side of her husband’s car. Mrs. Morris wasn’t in the car at the time.

Kevin Groothuis, Mrs. Morris’s husband, escaped the crash fairly unscathed. His daughters, however, were not so lucky; Grace had to be airlifted to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital while Hannah was transported by ambulance.

There was a solemn silence that swept over the school on Friday as the news got around, coming from both students and staff. Hannah was released the same day, but the prognosis for Grace was less certain.

However, a week later, things are looking up for the family.

According to her Carepage, Grace went home on Monday, and she is now in physical therapy to recover from  moderate brain damage. She is taking many small, yet important steps in the areas of communication and performing everyday tasks.

Hannah, too, has been making a great recovery as well, according to her sister’s carepage. With a few bruises, but a full recollection of the crash, the family is focusing on getting Hannah over her traumatic experience.

To get a full update on the Groothuis-Morris family and/or wish them well, visit her Carepage here.

If you do not have a Carepage account, you can get one on the website for free, then follow the link.


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