A lengthy ballot: Michigan proposals may make for long lines at polls

Michigan voters may face long lines when they head to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6, because the Michigan ballot is longer than it has been in many years.

Voters must not only navigate the traditional partisan and non-partisan sections, but they also will be asked to vote on six ballot proposals.

Members of The ThunderHawk staff from the Intro to Media class have been working on stories about these proposals for the past two weeks to help inform the Hamilton community.

Click on a link below to go to the story for that proposal.

Proposal 1 – Emergency Manager law

Proposal 2 –  Public employee collective bargaining

Proposal 3 – Renewable energy mandate 25% by 2025

Proposal 4 – Home health care workers

Proposal 5 – Tax policy: require a 2/3 majority

Proposal 6 – International bridges and other crossings


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