ACT results released

Last year’s ACT scores have revealed that girls at Hamilton High School scored higher on average than the boys.

The boys’ composite score was 20.6, whereas the girls’ was 22.6.

When narrowed down to specific subjects, the girls’ scores are very similar to the guys’ except on the English portion of the test.

On the English portion of the ACT, there was a difference of 3.4 points.

Administration is looking into why that is, but in the meantime, some of the teachers at Hamilton may have an idea why.

For Principal Doug Braschler, it boils down to “trying to find a way to better connect with the guys.”

The national level composite scores by gender are telling a different story.

According to the ACT official website, the national trend has been that males are slightly ahead of females in overall composite scores. However, the gap between the two genders has been narrowing as the years progress.


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