‘Alice in Wonderland’ provides many roles for Hamilton actors

In the up coming play, Alice in Wonderland, the Hamilton High School theater has many diverse yet equal roles. Director Jacque Johr tried to make it that way in the sense that there will be no major role. Alice, who is played by Katie Durham, is in every scene and is the only exception to that role.

Katie say juggling schoolwork and sacrificing free time was the hardest part about being involved in the play. It sure pays off though being able to come to practice with her friends and having the privilege to be involved with the play. Aside from that, Aaron Polet is the White Rabbit. He has the role of bringing Alice into Wonderland. Amanda Haverdink plays the Queen of Hearts. She is evil and wants Alice dead for challenging her authority at trial.

“(Playing the role) it’s actually easy, I get to block out myself,” said Amanda referring to playing the role of the bad character.

She said it’s different than other plays like Footloose where you had to act normal, but you couldn’t’t be yourself. Amanda and Ambre Couturier, who plays the Knave of Hearts, decided to get involved because this was an interesting play. They say it’s fun to bond with different people and being able to be a completely different person.

Jacqueline McNulty, Jordan Lemon, Keira Wilson, Samantha Sharar, and Alivia Calanchi all play sprites.

“It’s unique more or less,” McNulty said, referring to Mrs. Johr’s twist on how she decided to do the play. “You get to be yourself and be goofy,”

Being in a play does come at a cost though.

Keira Wilson explained how she had to sacrafice two hours of the day three times a week that  was usually gym and social time. She agrees that being in the play is worth it in the end.

“We are working hard as a team,” Mrs. Johr said, “most characters hold equal roles.”

Alice in Wonderland opens March 22 to anyone and everyone willing to support the Hamilton Theater.


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