American flags to arrive in Hamilton classrooms

The Pledge of Allegience. Most of us can remember learning this in elementary school. All the flags were hung prominently in every classroom. Everyday like clockwork, the intercom would come on and everyone would stand. We’d have to think for a second to make sure we placed the correct hand over our heart and then everyone would recite the patriotic pledge. In first grade, most kids probably didn’t even know what they were saying. We did it for years but it did slowly dwindle down to not doing it at all.

Now years later, is the pledge of allegiance making a comeback? According to Michigan lawmakers, it is.

On Thursday, August 29, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed the legislation requiring flags to be in every public school’s classroom. The law also makes it mandatory for public schools to set a time set aside in the day for students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. With these new changes, there still isn’t a requirement for students to recite the pledge. The school just has to give students the opportunity if they want to do so. Michigan is joining 43 other states having similar laws that are already in place.

What does this look like for Hamilton right now? Well the flags are on their way. They should be here later this week. For now, teachers are being asked to find a three foot by three foot area for the flags to be displayed in their classrooms.

Some of the opinions of teachers are varying. Even though they all will have to put the flags in their rooms.

“I think it would be good to give kids the opportunity (to recite the pledge), if it doesn’t disrupt the school environment,” Mrs. Ekkens said.

On the other hand Mr. Weed said, “Having a flag in the room won’t necessarily make you more patriotic, but actively saying the pledge should have that effect.”

As Mr. Braschler explained, The state is not providing the money to get the flags. It is the schools responsibility to find the money to get them. He has also explained the schools has not yet figured out how they will set aside a time for the pledge to be recited. The schools board wants to make all considerations about the wellbeing of everyone before they decide how they are going to schedule this.

When asked what they think of the new law Selena Lundy said, “I think it’s ridiculous, most if not all schools already have the American flag in at least one location. That should be enough.”

Selena also discusses how patriotism can’t be forced onto someone. This new law won’t make people more proud of our country. If anything it will only make people rebel more because they are being forced or feel obligated to do this.

In the next few days it will be decided how the opportunity will be given for students.


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