Athlete blog: Hamilton swim team beats HC

Tuesday, October 18, we beat Holland Christian 101-85.

It was a really fun, upbeat time for both of the teams. Of course mainly everyone was thinking about beating the opposing swim team, making state if they hadn’t done so already, or just getting a faster time then we already had.

I will admit that I wasn’t so sure what the actual final score would be, since last time we swam against them it was insanely close.

I had a huge improvement on my 200 freestyle which I was hoping for and I finally did it after seeing myself get slower times in previous meets.

All that was going through my head when I was actually swimming it was ‘just keep up with everyone else.’

I was able to keep up or in other words I wasn’t that far behind everyone else. From the last time that I swam it, I was able to shave about 13 seconds off my time. Now it’s only three seconds from my personal best.

After I swam it and saw my time, I was really excited. When I went and talk to my head coach Eric Talsma about it after I cooled down, he said to me, “don’t be afraid to go after it.” Just how I’m going to do that I have no idea, but I’ll figure it out before our conference meet.


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