Athlete journal: JV volleyball played ‘6 as 1’ all season

Looking back on our JV volleyball season, we have done very well with an overall conference record of 8-2. We lost to Byron Center twice, but we would definitely play them again for another chance to beat them.

I am extremely proud of the new freshman that came to our team this season. Kambrea Sale, Josie Grady, and Kendra Bott had tough spots to fill on the team, but put great effort into doing the best they could. The rest of us sophomores had a very memorable season with them and wish them the best for their future in volleyball.

We all enjoyed the season and have made many memories together, through wins and losses. When it came to our games, we all came together to do our best as a team. A famous quote by our team was, “six as one” We always tried to work as a team, together, six people on the court playing as one. During the game we would always try to have fun, cheer loud, and encourage all of our teammates.

Overall I am very proud of my team, we put great effort in to win all the games that we could. And we did an outstanding job at doing the best we could towards all of our wins. We are sad to see the season has gone by so fast, and we didn’t want to see it leave. This gave us an even greater motivation to dominate against Unity Christian in our last game. We were ecstatic once the score for home reached 25 in the 2nd  game, and we were determined to take the 3rd game for ourselves. We were successful and disappointed Unity winning 15-9 and ending the season with a great match.


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