Auf Wiedersehen to the Germans

On Tuesday, October 9, students from Hamilton High School were more then overjoyed to meet their German exchange students and spend three weeks with them. Sadly, those three weeks have come to an end.

According to senior Larson Pax, who was hosting Lena Dormeier, these past few weeks have been fun for the students who have particiapted in the German exchange.

“We’ve become almost like sisters,” Pax said.

“This has definitely been a great expericance,” junior Ambre Couturier, who was hosting Lena Klose, said. “You create a bond.”

“I am going to miss Ambre and her family,” Klose said.

Couturier has had a lot of great memories with Klose and had a hard time picking a favorite. “I would say it would have to be a tie between when we brought her to the New Salem Corn Maze and when we went up to John Hancock Observatory and looked over Chicago.”

We know that the German’s have had a great time with their host families but what do they think of Hamilton?

“Lena really likes the football games,” Couturier said.

“They [the Germans] really like it here and don’t really want to go back home,” Pax said.

Pax and her family have hosted many German students and would gladly do it again. Both Pax and Couturier have enjoyed their time with their Germans and can’t wait to have another opportunity like it.

The German exchange students left this morning. Auf Wiedersehen (see you later)!




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