Bad weather brings out best in community

When you realize you have almost lost control of your car, very few things go through your head. Regardless of whether you regain control or go into the ditch, you’ll freak out a little inside your head. After your car stops moving and is now in the ditch, you might sit a couple of seconds to comprehend what happened. Then you either think “ how the heck am I gonna get out of this,” or “I should go sideways down the road more often! WoooooHoooo!” Then you have to find the way out of the ditch.

I was stuck in a medium depth ditch, with only a foot left until you could touch the snow on the driver’s side. Immediately after I came to a stop, a white Escape pulled over on the other side of the road. Not long after a Silverado pick up stopped as well.

“Are you alright,” are the first words out of both of the men’s mouths. First I think, “what an odd question to ask. I’m in a Ford Focus unable to open my door, what do you think?” Then I realized what a nice thing to ask it was. They were initially concerned that I could possibly be physically, (or mentally) harmed. I wasn’t hurt, so they offered to help me drag out my car with the Silverado.

Now, these guys were not just on the road waiting for someone to go in a ditch. They probably had places to go and people to see, but they took the time to offer service to a person in need. It’s actions like these that people in a tough spot (or in a ditch) really appreciate.

The Silverado couldn’t get me out, so my dad came to my rescue with his Expedition. Before he showed up and after Silverado & Escape man left, no less than four other vehicles stopped to ask if I was OK. Even two people out to get their mail stopped to see if they could help.

All of these Good Samaritans paused their lives to assist me with mine, all in about 15 minutes. That to me is very special. I am encouraged to know that there are people in the community that are willing to take a minute out of their day for a person in need.


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