Band kicks off Homecoming for Hamilton

While decorating and dressing up for Homecoming is all well and good, it’s hard to say that the ceremony has really kicked off until the music begins.

“(The band) links all of the things together,” Hamilton High School band director Joe Herrick said. The school band is tasked with carrying energy throughout Homecoming.

To herald the beginning of festivities, the marching band will traverse the halls blaring music to set the mood. The school will then follow the band to the pep rally, where one might hear the fight song once or twice.

Many will then see for the first time the new direction of the band as the festivities move on to the Homecoming parade and the game itself.

A number of changes and improvements have been made since last year. The most immediately perceptible of these will be the new theme.
This year, selections from contemporary Broadway shows Rent, Wicked, and Mama Mia will grace the ears of audience members.

The theme was chosen and developed from a host of suggestions made last school year. After some narrowing down, students tested a number of songs in April before the final selection was made.

“Over time, (the idea) kind of morphed,” Herrick said, referring to the transformation to contemporary Broadway from the general concept.

The incoming freshmen have also brought something new and promising to the band.

“With all new freshmen, all of this new talent, we can make shows better,” trombone player Richie VanVels said.


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