Band ready for Homecoming show

As Hamilton High School’s Homecoming nears, preparations have fallen into place. Halls are decorated, spirits are high, and the school band has been placing finishing touches on the day’s music.

“Our theme this year is movies,” said Richie VanVels, a junior and trombone player in the school band. “The band actually liked the selections for this year.”

The selections include familiar songs from movies such as 2000 and Star Wars, as well as a percussion feature from Disney’s Tarzan. And of course, the Hamilton fight song, “The Victors,” will be in no short supply.

“This year our show is cleaner, and I think it sounds better,” Mr. Joseph Herrick, director of the band, said when asked how this affected the band.

However, Herrick, being a Michigan State graduate, is quick to add that he would be “more than willing to take on the task of writing a new school song.”

This afternoon, the band will start Homecoming with a special brand of warm-up, marching through the hallways, and then proceed to lead the school in its pep assembly. Shortly after, they will be seen marching in the Homecoming parade, and firing up the football stadium with their pre-game show.

The Hamilton High School Band has been practicing regularly since band camp in late July, and their focus has been entirely shifted to their Homecoming performance.


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