Bearings to Boots: winter’s first snow has boarders ready to hit the slopes


With the arrival of winter, longboarders are becoming more and more scarce. Longboarding is being embraced by many Hamilton students, but as the green turns to gold the students are putting their boards away, waiting until the climate allows them to take out their bamboo or Canadian-maple decks once again. They put away their decks, trucks, and bearings, only to bring out the boards, boots, and bindings.

Snowboarding season is here. Many students are already making plans to go to Bittersweet and other local ski resorts.

“I’m going to Crystal Mountain with some friends,”  Zach Driesenga said. Zach not only snowboards, but also longboards in the snowboarding off-season. This seems to be the case with a lot of Hamilton’s snowboarders.

“Snowboarding is fun, but so is longboarding,” senior Jon Hernandez, another duo-boarding Hamilton student, said.

Although it seems the two boarding styles are dissimilar, there are definitely parallels to be made. Snowboarders, on average, usually learn how to ride a longboard quickly and with ease.

There are many more similarities between the two downhill activities including balance, and techniques on sliding and leaning. Longboarding and snowboarding aren’t the only boarding that is popular, there is skateboarding, surfing, mountain boarding, sand boarding, kite boarding, and many other variations of these.

Snowboarding, was derived from a mixture between sledding and surfing, and was originally called “snurfing”. Longboarding has similar origins, starting in Hawaii, surfers coined the term “sidewalk surfing” before “longboarding” or “skateboarding” were commercialized.

Longboarding and snowboarding, both evolved from the common Hawaiian sport of surfing, have become quite popular in Hamilton, and have clearly changed how active kids are in this area.

Whatever people’s opinion on boarding, they can’t refuse the fact that the snowboarding season is here.



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