Beyonce’s halftime performance: another lip synch?

 The 47th Super Bowl took place Sunday night, February 3, 2013. This year, the halftime show was performed by 16-time grammy winner Beyoncé.

 One of the “big questions” was whether Beyoncé lip synched her most sold song Halo during the Super Bowl halftime show?

 During the 2013 U.S. Presidential Inauguration, Beyoncé performed the Star Spangled Banner, later to admit she pre-recorded it, because she was nervous and “did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra.”

 Destiny’s Child (Beyoncé former group) joined Beyoncé during the show.

 A few days before the Super Bowl, Beyoncé promised not to lip synch, but after the inauguration, it left many fans confused, and wondering if the song was pre-recorded or not.

“I think at times she was lip synching, but overall it was an ok performance,” said Hamilton sophomore Aubree Devisser, who considers herself a fan of Beyoncé.

 “I thought her performance was pathetic,” freshman Marianne Jordan said. “Nobody should be performing in front of everyone in less than a swimsuit.”

Mikaela Sterenberg felt the same way, and felt that “her dance moves were naughty and should not have been on TV.”

Although some people say her performance was lip synched and a little inappropriate, others feel differently.

“I think people are making a big deal out of what Beyoncé wore,” freshman Lauren Davis said. “I also like how Destiny’s Child was reunited.”

Beyoncé claims she did not lip synch the performance, but simply sang along with a pre-recorded version.


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