On August 25, two teachers and 25 Spanish students arrived in Chicago, for the student exchange program. Two teachers and 30 students from Hamilton met them at the airport. Each one of the Spanish students was assigned with one American partner.

During the first few weekends, the students had a lot of experiences; they visited Lake Michigan, went tubing, went to Cedar Point, and studied at Hamilton High School.

“The exchange was a good experience” according to Maria Mingo, “The people are very friendly and happy,  When I go back to my country, for sure I am going miss the U.S.”

“Spanish class was good because we saw people learn our language.” With a big smile she left the U.S. but before that, she said, ”I want come again the next year and know more people and places.”

HHS Principal Doug Braschler believes the exchange is a good program.

“It enhances what is learned in the classroom.” he said, “It creates friendship around the world, and our students can learn about new cultures too.”

Tenth-grade Spanish student Daniel Alberca agreed.

“I think the people are very nice, and happy most of the time.” According to Daniel Alberca

“It is good to see the people happy in the streets, and saying hello to everyone,” he said.
Eduardo Pla also had fun.

“I had very good time in the school,” he said, “I like the teachers because they are fun and not boring. I love the volley ball team because they have very pretty girls.”

As for the Spanish teachers who led the trip to Hamilton, they think it was beneficial too.

“We love the education, the discipline, and the all of the sports this and all of the schools of U.S. have,” English teacher Antonio Pastor said.

”U.S. education teaches the students to be responsible and grow up with passion and respect for this world,” said Fernando Simon, who serves as a  religion and ethics teacher in Spain.


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