Big Brother is Facebook stalking you

When you post things on Facebook, do you ever wonder about all the people that view it? It is possible to limit viewers by setting your privacy settings to ‘friends only,’ but when people have hundreds of so-called ‘friends’ (most of which are more like acquaintances), how would you ever really know?

It’s important to remember that some people use Facebook for other purposes besides publicizing thoughts for others to read.  Sometimes employers, for example, will search an applicant’s Facebook page to them decide if they should be hired to a certain position. Police have taken advantage of the website to check their suspect’s alibi, or to research possible motives for a crime. The government has even used the social network as a medium for undercover investigations.

In fact, Facebook’s privacy policy states that by accepting their Terms of Use, you are agreeing to “have your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.” The Big Brother character, introduced in George Orwell’s 1984, is definitely tuning in. In a privacy policy that has more words than the U.S. Constitution, this probably isn’t the only clause that members may be unaware of.

Now, I assume that the bulk of students at Hamilton High School do not have to worry about getting a friend request from an undercover CIA agent, but it brings up a good point. As we get older, we should take the advice of many worried parents; Let’s try to be more aware of what we’re posting and whom we’re allowing to see it, because those decisions could affect us in our future.


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