“Big Man” on campus set to leave

After 40 years of working as the district Superintendent, Mr. Kos is retiring at the end of this year.

Between coming up with a curriculum, dealing with finances, reporting directly to the Board of Education, and of course, the most noted among students, helping to decide snow days, the Superintendent has remained a busy man throughout his years of dedication to the Hamilton community.

“My job is all-inclusive,” Mr. Kos said.

He began as a teacher and worked his way up to Vice Principle, then Principle, and eventually was promoted to the job title of a Superintendent. He will be finishing out his 17th year as the “Big Man on Campus.”

As the search process progresses we must still remember the many years of hard work that Mr. Kos has put in for our district.

As it is for any leader, he has made many difficult decisions that some people don’t agree with and must be respected for those (no matter how many questionable days of school we had the day after a blizzard).

He will be leaving our district in good financial standings and with a bright outlook.

“Hamilton has been a tremendous place to be. I feel I have been so blessed by God,” Kos said.


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