Bleacher theft at Rockford High School

With the rising prices of steel, aluminum and copper, people are aggressively trying to try and find new ways to make money off of these products. On September 4 in Rockford Michigan, thieves found a new target for their moneymaking ways: aluminum high school bleachers.

With aluminum being anywhere between 65 to 75 cents a pound, the aluminum bleachers are becoming the new target of scrap thieves. All that’s standing in the thieves’ way are a few nuts and bolts that hold the bleachers down and the minor trouble of transporting the 15-foot bleachers.

Here at Hamilton, there is little concern among school officials about our bleachers being stolen.

“We have a very good patrol of our school,” HHS Assistant Principle Matt Blood said, “I am not too worried about it.”

“As the economy gets more and more desperate, people do more desperate things,” HHS Principle Doug Braschler said.

According to, a new 15-foot aluminum bleacher retails for $259.99.


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