Boys JV tennis team has enthusiasm, lacks experience

It’s time for another season of fall sports, and the boys JV tennis team  is among the many teams getting ready for its season.

“This year there are 12 guys who work hard together,” Coach Collison said.

With many beginners on the team, there isn’t much experience. However, the lack of experience is made up by their enthusiasm to come  learn and play the game.

” We focus on the game during the match, but tend to screw around during practice,” explained Paul Buhrer who plays 2nd doubles. Despite the weaknesses they have as a team, they also have many strengths to show they are ready to play.

“We’re going to win some, and lose some this season,” said John Garvelink, who plays 2nd singles for the team.

Even with ups and downs coming this season, they step on the court ready to work hard, have fun and get a different experience out of every match.


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