Brazilian exchange student – John (Joao) Hauagge

Joao Pedro Silveira Hauagge, also know, as ‘John’ is a senior exchange student from Brazil. He is staying with the Bosch family.

He says his brother was also an exchange student, and that is what made him want to be involved in an exchange.

“I wanted to go to Canada,” he said, “but it was too expensive so I came to the States.”

So far, he thinks that Hamilton is cool, but he is still getting used to it since it is very different from Brazil.

“The schools are different, food is different,” he said, adding that in Brazil “the teachers move classrooms, not the students.”

He also explained that he gets two hours for lunch and can go home to eat.

There are some difficulties with being an exchange student.

“It is hard to make new friends, and getting used to the school, some people do not understand what I am speaking about.”  He added that “The best part is starting to make new friends, and coming to a new place.”


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