Brief history and meaning behind tulips

Tulips have a long, colorful history.

Hopefully this year should be better for tulips than the stem-fest of last year.

Once Tulip Time starts, people looks forward to seeing the tulips in full bloom, and all of the activities and events that go along with it. However, many don’t know the meaning and history behind the tulip itself.

Turkish Culture: Tulips can be dated back to the Ottoman Empire; were the Tulip was considered as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. The rule of Sultan Ahmed III’s was also known as the Tulip Era.
Star Signs: The “Tulip” flower is even connected to the Aries personality. Aries are known for their confidence, enthusiasm, and love for bold gestures and passion, which is reflected well by Tulips.
“Simplicity of tulips and their inherent charm are symbolic of the Aries personality.” reads a post from Shashank Nakate at
As for the different meanings for each color of tulip, here is a handy reference:
Red: are used to express love.
Orange: represent happiness and mutual understanding.
Yellow: these are mostly associated with friendship. However, they also symbolizes rejection of love.
Purple: symbolizes royalty and nobility.
White: Remembrance, respect, purity, innocence, and humility
Pink: perfect happiness, and used for offering best wishes.
Variegated:  used to say that you have beautiful eyes.


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