British Exchange creates friendships

While most students spent their summers on familiar ground, a group of Hamilton students ventured across the Atlantic Ocean to experience life in England. The students were in Great Britain for 17 days.  The majority of that time was spent with their exchange partners from Farlingaye Public School.

The British exchange is just one of the opportunities that Hamilton provides for its students.  According to Mr. Braschler the exchange programs create friendships around the world and also help students to be more excepting of other cultures.

“I wanted to meet some new people and begin to travel the world,” junior Austin Essenberg said. “It ended up being the highlight of my summer.”

Even though both groups spoke the same language, unlike other exchange programs, students did notice subtle cultural differences.  According to Logan White, one difference between lifestyle here and there is that in England they tend to be more laidback. When they had time, they would take a train into London.

Among the many places that the group visited, the cities of London and Cambridge, local restaurants, and castles tended to be the most memorable.

Essengberg was one of the travelers who really enjoyed his time spent in London.  They saw St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Globe Theatre, and Westminster Abbey.

They kept pretty busy but loved the experience and many would recommend going on the next trip.

The British will be arriving in Hamilton on October 17 and their hosts are awaiting their arrival.


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