Brits tour Chicago and Mackinac Island with hosts

The Brits and their hosts in Mackinaw Island

  • The Brits and their hosts in Mackinaw Island
  • Biking in Mackinaw Island
  • The Brits with some of the hosts in Mackinaw
  • The Brits on a boat

The British exchange program when to Chicago on Thursday October 25th. They went to Millennium Park where they had free time to walk around and enjoy the view. In the afternoon they went to Lou Malnati’s for some deep dish pizza, a Chicago tradition.

“ I had four pieces, I was so excited,” sophomore host Mallory Draisma said.

Mallory ate the most pizza out of everyone on the trip. She went on to say that she even ate more than Mr. Kevin Spotts; who only ate three slices of pizza.

Later that night the group went to see the Blue Man Group perform.

“I really enjoyed going to the Blue Man group on Thursday night in Chicago,”  senior host Molly Oren said. “It was very entertaining and a unique experience.”

October 26th and 27th (Friday and Saturday) the hosts had free time with their exchange students. They usually did activities with other hosts and exchange students during this time. Some of the activities engaged in during this free time included carving pumpkins, going to the beach, shopping, playing laser tag, and watching movies.

Sunday October 28th, they went to Mackinaw Island. While at Mackinaw they went shopping, rode bikes, went hiking, and visited the beach.

During their biking trips, one of the Brits, Harry tried to carry his bike up the hill and almost fell.

“It was so funny and probably one of the best parts of riding bikes,” Mallory said.

The Brits leave on Saturday November 3rd.


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