Brock Mealer comes to town

Brock Mealer is an inspiration to many people due to his tragic experiences. On Saturday January 22, he spoke at Hamilton High School about his life changing experiences and what kept him going through some hard times.

On Christmas Eve 2007 Brock Mealer and his family was in a terrible car crash, when another car t-boned their SUV at a intersection. His Father Dave Mealer, and his brother’s girlfriend Hollis Richer were both pronounced dead at the scene by police.

Brock’s mother and brother got away from the crash with bruises, but Brock himself wasn’t as lucky as he suffered a spinal-cord injury and was paralyzed. He was told by doctors that he had a 1% chance of walking ever again.  After using up all of his covered visits by his insurance company the Mealers were out of options for Brock. Three Weeks later, the Mealers bumped into Rich Rodriguez Michigan’s football coach. He wanted Brock to come to a practice and meet with the strength and conditioning staff.

After meeting with the strength and conditioning team Brock realized that they not only believe he can walk, they demand it. After long drives from Ohio State to Ann Arbor almost 2-3 times a week Brock starts to see progress on his condition. Even so that Rodriguez called Brock into his office for a meeting.

Two weeks later during a football practice Rodriguez told the team he had a surprise for them, the team looks over and there was Brock walking towards them. It touched many of the players since he was like family to the team. It was at that time when Rodriguez told the team that Brock would lead the team from the tunnel onto the football field at their opening game.

After being told by doctors of having a 1% chance of walking after his car accident, Brock refused to accept that outcome. At Michigan’s opening game in Ann Arbor Brock walked the team onto the field unassisted. His story has inspired many on how your faith and ability to believe in yourself can help you achieve your goals.


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