Bully Documentary

The Documentary movie Bully came out this past March in hopes of getting more awareness out there about the bullying issue. This movie follows five students for a whole school year and depicts their everyday lives and how bad bullying can actually be.

Two of the stories include families of children who killed themselves due to bullying. Another story includes a boy who came out as being homosexual, and was made fun of for it.

From what I’ve seen of it, it looks incredibly moving.

The movie was originally rated R due to strong language, but then got brought down to PG-13 so more schools would show it to allow kids to see it. Despite the language issue I believe this movie is very beneficial to see.

This movie will really get the message out there about bullying.  It encourages people to step up and do something about bullying. Even for those people who don’t think it’s a problem here in Hamilton, it’s still a problem elsewhere, and this movie could show how you can help.

Bully isn’t being shown in theaters anymore, but there are many trailers online, and it should be out on DVD this coming August.


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