Call it what you want: Secret Santa or good Samaritan pays for Christmas gifts of strangers

We all know about the increased financial burdens during this holiday season. Store lay-aways were created to make that burden a bit easier. Customers can put a down payment on a gift and slowly pay for it until Christmas when they have paid for it in full. Walmart is one of the stores that allows this way of purchasing your presents to take place. Last Tuesday, one of the Walmart’s chain stores received a seasonal donation.

That morning, Hasting’s Walmart got a phone call where an anonymous person asked if there were products still on layaway. Upon finding out about the 43 people that still hadn’t paid, he donated $10,000 to cover the remainder of the costs. The total cost ended up being $7,800 so the $2,200 left over was given to local charities.

Walmart had the privilege of calling all 43 of the customers and telling them that they could pick up the products they had on lay-away. Some of them said that they might not have been able to cover the remaining costs had it not been for this Secret Santa. Manager Carla Jiles said that she thought one of the ladies receiving the news passed out. When the manager called again, the woman said, “I didn’t know what to say. I’m so elated that it was paid off.”

This brightened the day and Christmas time of 43 people. Plainwell also received a hefty donation of $5,000 and a Kmart in Hastings got another $5,000.


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