Carnations for sale this week

The annual carnation sale started last week Wednesday, Feb. 6, and ends this week on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

The carnation sale is done by the Spanish Club to raise money for hosting families and for traveling students.

This sale isn’t just for you to buy flowers for your sweetheart.

“Although we sell carnations around Valentine’s Day, they’re not just for your sweetheart,” said Ms. Mary Ayres, leader of the Spanish club and a Spanish teacher. “Spread some love and smiles to your friends, classmates, teammates, teachers and staff here at the high school!” 

Flowers cost $1.50 for 1 flower or buy 5 and get 1 free! In years past 600-900 flowers have been sold and the most money that was raised was $450. Ms. Ayres has higher hopes for this year hoping to raise at least $500.

The sale has been going on at Hamilton for the past four years.

Make sure to stop by the window upstairs at either lunch and buy your flowers.



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