Cheer squad finishes 4th at Otesgo

Under new coach Emillie Gort, the Hamilton cheer team placed 4th at the first competition of the year. Way to go ladies!

The past years have been a struggle, but now the competitive cheerleaders are on there way to the top.

Students all saw the girls stunning performance at the pep rally, and  they’re not done surprising everyone.

In their first competition at Otsego High School on Dec. 14, they made it to 4th place.

Teams in the past had great experiences, but having a new coach makes all the difference.

Emillie Gort is the new Hawkeye coach.  A graduate of Jenison High School, Coach Gort came to Hamilton to bring out the talent here.

As the years go on things can only get better.

Thats what the new team is showing us. With practices and giving it there all and while doing this they are showing that Hamilton will do their best to reach the top.

The ThunderHawk interviewed Coach Gort to find out about the team.

TH: How long are these practices?

Coach Gort: “Two hour long practices, four days a week.”

TH: What is a practice like?

Coach Gort: “Practice consists of running through all three rounds and critiquing each round until they have met everyone’s satisfaction.”

TH:  Who is your biggest competition?

Coach Gort:  “In competitive cheer everyone in Division 2 is your competition.”

TH:  What is your goal for the team?

Coach Gort:  “My goal for this year’s team is for them to walk away from this season knowing they gave their all each and every day.”

TH:  What is your outlook for the team and the year?

Coach Gort:  “I would say the outlook for the season looks bright, they are a very young talented team, that wants to continue to improve. ”

All in all, ‘determined’ is the way that she described the team.  The girls are amazed how their hard work has paid off.
In cheer the girls only have a few minutes to show what they’ve got, so good luck this years girls!





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