City Brew moves to Food Center

With the growing coffee epidemic sweeping the nation, Hamilton can’t help catch the craze. The establishment of City Brew in late 2006, made it possible for Hamiltonians to get their coffee fix without the long drive to one of Holland’s many coffee joints.

Dave Kempkers, owner of the Hamilton Food Center, thought up the idea of a coffee shop in Hamilton early last year.

“Dave needed some new life in Hamilton,” Holly Kellum, a City Brew worker said. “He wanted to make a hang out spot for teens.”

With the success of City Brew’s drive thru kiosk, the larger walk in cafe opened next to Macatawa Bank in mid-December 2006. Due to distance and management issues, City Brew has moved from its northern location to the Food Center.

After a few months of renovation, the new City Brew Cafe is located in the northwest corner of the Food Center where the bathroom and staff lounge used to be.

“Hopefully [City Brew] will be opened in two weeks, but we don’t have a set date yet,” Kellum said.

For more information on City Brew and their coffees, visit


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