Class celebrates 15th year of the Thanksgiving feast

Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie… These are just some of the foods associated with Thanksgiving.

Mrs. VonIns’ class is making plans and preparing food for the annual Thanksgiving feast for Hamilton’s staff.

This year will be the 15th year that the feast has taken place. The tradition started in 1994.

“We thought it’d be nice to show thanks to teach-ers,” Mrs. VonIns said.

The first year, each student invited one teacher to the feast. There was only one turkey, a pan of sweet potato casserole, a pan of boxed stuffing, and a pumpkin pie.

Now, there are more than 200 pounds of food, all made from scratch. This includes turkey and gravy, turkey dressing, sweet potato casserole, corn, cakes, and rolls & butter (donated by the Hamilton Food Center). The recipes used 120 pounds of apples, 80 yams, 25 loaves of bread, 40 onions, and 100 eggs.

Also, current and retired staff, the school board, elementary school principals, and other people from the community are invited.

Mrs. VonIns expects about 120 people, including the students.

Mr. Braschler was the first person to turn in his RSVP this year. He turned it in two weeks before the invite was done.

“I try to show my support by getting my RSVP in as soon as I can,” he said.

The class has been planning the meal since Nov. 1.

The meal will take place during both lunches on Tuesday, Nov. 25 in the forum room.


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