Coach Rehkoph, JV athletes bond

For their first two years of high school, many sophomore boys have had Mr. Mat Rehkopf as a coach for football and basketball.  For some, next year will be a rough transition.  Others, however, will enjoy seeing a new face at practice.

“It’ll be a nice change,” said sophomore Logan Harper.  “But it was fun having him as a coach.”

Deciding to move from freshmen to JV sports was not part of some master plan for Rehkopf.

“The opportunities just presented themselves,” Coach Rehkopf said.  “It just happened to be both sports in the same year.”

Having Rehkopf as a coach really grew on the players.  Spending so much time with him made them grow closer as a team, and as individuals.

“We really got to know him as a person,” said sophomore Todd Scholten. “And we got used to him (as a coach).”

The coach agrees.

“Change is good, but I’m definitely going to miss this class,” he added.  “I’ve watched them grow up; they’re like my little brothers.”

While Mr. Rehkopf will still be around next year, the players will play under Coach Chris Myers in football, and Coach Steve Sikma in basketball.


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