Colorado Challenge 2013

Grace Ruiz takes in the scenery.

Over the summer a group of students participated in Colorado Challenge with the Young Life organization. While they were there they participated in white water rafting, rock climbing and repelling, and hiked and slept on Soldiers Peak.

“No tents… just sleeping bags and tarps,” said Scott Davis, the Haven Reformed Youth Leader.

“We hiked up in the pitch dark, but the cool part was the entire way up you could see all the little head lamps trekking up the mountain,” said Nate DeLoof, a Hamilton YoungLife leader who had the opportunity to go with the students that went on the trip.

The Colorado Challenge helps students further their relationships with each other and Christ because they feel less pressured and are more willing to open up to their leaders and others about themselves away from their hometown.

“It was a time of peace, reflection, and seeking out God’s voice,” DeLoof said.

Year after year students that go on the trip always say that rafting, repelling and the nightly chapel meetings are the most memorable moments they have while they’re there.

“However, I will say that sometimes just the little things of living together for a week are what become special and memorable,” Mr. Davis said.


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