Competitive Cheer: Bring it all to the mat

The team performs a routine.

Kellie VanNuil
ThunderHawk Staff Writer

The team performs a routine.

Competitive cheerleaders bring every skill and ounce of attitude to the mat. They have three rounds. Round one is a creative round, round two is a uniform round where everyone does the exact same thing, and round three is a stunting and tumbling round.

According to Sienna Echols the season is a lot better and they’re improving each day. The team all has Valdez’s according to Renee Selle. The team has learned lots of skills.

“I’m enjoying the season because of the cool new stunts, skills and gymnastics.” Becca Bosch said. The team has been doing different stunts and tumbling to win over the judges.

The team typically finishes third or fourth and round one is usually their best round because it’s the most enjoyable and impresses the judges. According to Sienna Echols.

“The team has went past expectation and has been in the 600 point range.” Freshman Renee Selle said.

There are three competitions left: one at Lowell on Saturday; another at Rodgers next Wednesday; and districts next Saturday at Portage.


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