Competitive cheer season begins

Josiah Olah and Sophia Young
ThunderHawk Staff Writers

Competitive Cheer tryouts began in early November. Despite what some people may think, competitive cheer is very different than sideline cheer. In sideline, cheerleaders raise the excitement of the crowd and motivate the team. In competitive, cheerleaders go up against other teams trying to get a better score from the judges.

“My favorite parts of competitive cheer (are) the gymnastics and tumbling passes,” senior Sienna Echols said.

The girls have competitions on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At each competition, there are three rounds in which the team needs to impress the judges.

“The experience I gain from competitive cheer is that I learn to work with others, sophomore Bayli DeBoer said, “and I meet a lot of new people.”

The first round is a creative round made by the team; it’s a routine filled with motions  and jumps.

The second round is a 10 point precision drill which is created by the judges. During this routine the girls have to have all the moves and timing exact.

The third round is a stunt and tumbling round. This routine must be two and a half minutes long.


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