Cosmetology program offers many career paths for seniors

Hamilton senior Shelby Gates applies foundation to her classmate's skin.

The Careerline Tech Center offers many opportunities to students in many different carers fields.

One of these is cosmetology, a senior only course that deals with hair, facials, make-up, and much more.

While most students take classes at the Tech Center building, the cosmetology classroom moved to the Tulip City Beauty College on east 8th street last year.  The college is a campus branch of Moored Beauty School and not only houses the first year students, but second year students who have already graduated from high school as well.

Cosmetology is among a handful of courses at the Tech Center that not only just has seniors in it, but also allows high school graduates to come back for a second year. This way they are given even more experieance and knowledge for a future job.

The second year students aren’t in a classroom with a teacher at all times, as they get to work on the other students or on the manikin heads. They also get to book clients of their own and work with regular customers on a daily basis.

For juniors who who are interested, cosmetology might be something to look into.  However, before doing so, there may be some things to consider.

“Make sure that it’s what you want,” cosmetology teacher Ms. Jen said. “It’s a lot harder than it looks; there are a lot of other aspects to the Cosmetology career that aren’t what your everyday people think they are.  Check into all different schools, not just our school or not just going to the Tech Center, but there are a lot of other schools out there and just like any college you’ve got to find the right one – the one that fits you.”

When it comes to the seniors that are already in the first year program, thinking about whether to go into the second year program is important for the future. For the girls that are already in the second year program, the next big step is trying to find a way to apply their new found skills and training.

The course isn’t all about playing with hair and putting on someone’s eye shadow, there is real skill and training that goes into something like this – not to mention all the opportunities that can be had in the future.

“[There’s] a wide variety of careers in Cosmetology: you can do hair, which means you can be a color specialist or you can do all aspects of hair; you can just do wedding up dos; you can be a 1:07 and work with skin care; you can do nails; you can work in the retail end of it where you’re selling products; you can work in the educator end, like me; or, you can actually be an educator were you do floor work, where you work in front of people, a platform artist,” Ms. Jen said. “Next to the medical industry, it’s one of the easiest industries to get a job in.”

Cosmetology is a great program, just one of the many that are available through the Tech Center. If it is your passion, or even just a hobby, to do any of these areas of Cosmetology, it may be a good thing to check into.

“If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology, yes [take this course]. For others of you who aren’t [just remember that] it’s a lot of fun and you can learn a lot and you get a lot of time to work on yourself and other people…” senior Shelby Gates said.

“I couldn’t take it last year and it was a very interesting career that I would like to pursue after high school,” senior Denise Schierbeek said. “I’ve been meeting new people, learning different thing[s].”


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