‘Court in School’ comes to Hamilton High

Allegan 57th District Court was held in the Hamilton High School Auditorium today.

On Wednesday, October 26, Hamilton juniors and seniors will have there a great opportunity when Judge Baillargeon from the Allegan County Court comes to the high school for sentencing of real defendents.

The Court in School will take place in the auditorium during 2nd and 3rd hour. During this time students will have the privilege of being part of the 57th District Court of Allegan County. Judge Baillargeon has done this six times before and is hoping to have about four to five cases for students to hear.”It is my hope that the students, their parents, and the faculty will gain a clearer insight into what happens when people, or young adults, become involved in the criminal justice system,” Judge Baillargeon said.He also said he wants the students to know that as judge, he cares a great deal for the well being of students and all people that come before the court.”Another thing that I hope the young adults take away from this is that substance abuse is extremely dangerous and costly, not only to the individual and victims of the substance abuse offenders, but to family, friends, and the community at large,” Judge Baillargeon said. “Decisions made in a split second may have tragic lifelong or even life ending consequences.”

Judge Baillargeon said he enjoys doing this in front of students because he gets the chance to interact with students and educate them about the court, and substance abuse issues.

A portion of the Court in School Program is to help students understand that there are serious consequences to criminal behavior. The defendants that choose to participate in the program are assisting the court in its effort to educate the public in general and the school student body in particular.


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