New class gains recognition while Covering Hawkeye Sports

The Covering Hawkeye Sports class has a solid following on Twitter.

The new Covering Hawkeye Sports class is so popular that they’ve been on Fox 17.

So who’s is in charge of this rising class?  Mr.Behnke, that’s who.  Not only is he an English teacher but the leader of CHS.

Here’s what he has to say about the class.

T’Hawk: Why did you come up with this class?

Mr. Behnke: “I was looking to expand the media program while using Common Core to grade it.  Hamilton students seem like the perfect fit to serve our community and gives students an opportunity to have cool experiences.”

T’Hawk: Why is Covering Hawkeye Sports so popular?

Mr. Behnke: “I think because it’s relatively low stress because of how we keep people in one area” so they can specialize.

T’Hawk: What is Hawkeye Game Day?

Mr. Behnke: “It’s a live event that previews upcoming Hamilton sporting events.”

Mr. Behnke’s job is hard because he has to help 30 people do 30 different things at a time. All the students are doing something different and he has to keep track of what everyone’s doing.

The class covers Hawkeye sports with video,writing, and computer graphics.


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