Current and former students offered chance to pay respects to Mr. Hoppe at HHS

Many recent graduates of Hamilton High School were in the last portion of exams this week and sadly were not able to make it back home for Mr. Josh Hoppe’s visitation or funeral.
On Sunday at 3 p.m. in the high school auditorium, those graduates will thankfully have an opportunity to pay their respects and watch Mr. Hoppe’s official memorial service and remember their teacher, coach, and friend.  According to Mr. Paul Prins who helped organize the event, there are dozens of former students expected to attend.
For college freshman Katelyn Brouwer, this is a welcome event.
“While at school, I felt in a way that I was alone in this process,” Brouwer said. “While I did have my campus church behind me and supporting me, it’s not the same. This service will be a way that all of us alumni can come together and support each other, while coping with the loss of an amazing teacher.”
Mrs. Dawn Oren and Mr. Prins were the two main parents who helped put this gathering together. They contacted Mr. Kevin Spotts to see if they could actually do this for the graduates and for students that weren’t able to go to the official memorial services.
“What a great idea for students who were taking exams and not able to attend the funeral to celebrate Mr. Hoppe’s life and continue to grieve appropriately,” Mr. Spotts said when contacted about the gathering.
This event is open for all current and former students. After the memorial service the school will be providing hot chocolate and cookies at about 4:15 in the cafeteria as well.
All are invited to share stories with friends who were recent graduates and those who were not able to make it to the official memorial services.


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