Dance moves to Saint Patrick’s

This year, instead of the usual Valentine’s Dance, the Student Council will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Dance. The dance will have great music, according to the planning committee. Back by popular demand as DJ is Hamilton grad Chris Brown.

The dance decorations, for which a large part of the committee’s budget has been set aside, will make Leprechauns green with envy.

Since the dance falls around the holiday best known for its clover leaves and gold, the tables will be littered with gold coins, and green will overwhelm those who attend.

“Dances are essentially supposed to be a fundraiser,” Principal Doug Braschler said.

As many students are aware, the school’s dances are becoming endangered because of low turnout. The only way to save them is to have high attendance, like at the Homecoming dance.
Unlike Homecoming, however, this dance will be strictly semi-formal, meaning no costumes.

“I think a lot of seniors will come because this is one of our last dances,” senior committee member Jen Verhagen said.

The dance will run from 8-11 p.m. on Saturday, March 15. Tickets cost $5 and will be available at lunch prior to the dance. No one will be let in at the door if tickets haven’t been purchased in advance.


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