Dancers kick higher

It’s been a tradition for years for Hamilton High School to take part in celebrating spring with Dutch Dance.

Every year at the beginning of spring during Tulip Time, local schools come with the spirit and the people to dance.

“Everything started when my mom and friends suggested I should try,” said Sara Dykhuis, who has been dancing since last year. ”I have been dancing for two years, and I’m having fun.”

“I enjoy dancing; it’s fun to hang out with friends and try to get the movements right,” Allison Dubbink said. “I decided to start doing Dutch Dance because it is a lot of fun.”

“What I want is each student to have a positive and nice experience,” said Mrs. Cherry Bleeker, who has been in charge of the program for almost 13 years and is still in charge for the next year. “I already have 40 students for the next year.”

Hamilton began participating in 1984. There are now 120 schools around this area that participate.

“This year we will have more fun, and less problems to dance, because now we have more experience, and could be different because we have different people in our group,” Dubbink said.


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