Dear Mr. Ford

Dear Mr. Ford,

It is with great pleasure that I, along with many others, have watched the Detroit Lions stumble, bumble, and fumble their way through the last six seasons. We’ve watched the hiring of three coaches and the firing of two. Not to mention the revolving door of players and questionable draft choices. All this has led to an overall record of 23-68 over that span, of which I’m sure you are well aware.

Throughout these transformations, there has been one constant. This constant is also the reason for your football teams’ struggles over the past half-decade. This constant is your GM Matt Millen.

He took over a team that was 9-7 and just missed the playoffs and turned them into one that won’t even smell postseason until after he is gone. He has made numerous boneheaded personnel decisions, which include the drafting of three straight first round wide receivers (one of which is gone, one of which finished the year with eight catches) when other positions were needed badly, and the fans hate him. No offense, Mr. Ford, but it is not a good thing when your fans hate your GM. Nor is it good when they begin to chant “Fire Millen!” during games, begin to root for the other team, or start protest marches to show their hate for him. The chants have been heard as far away as California; now that’s saying something.

Please Mr. Ford, even I could do a better job. To quote sports writer Dan Wetzel, “I couldn’t be a better engineer than a professional engineer. I couldn’t be a better doctor. I couldn’t be a better architect. I am not even confident I could give the fry guy at McDonald’s a run for his money. But Lions president? Maybe. Just maybe.”

Maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance. Trust me, we can’t get much worse.


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